Horseshoe Wine Racks

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About Womble Shoes horseshoe wine racks

A wine storage racks is the term used to describe a fixture offering a convenient and permanent place to store wine bottles. Wine racks have a few basic requirements as most wines must be stored on their side with a slight incline to allow the cork to stay fully moistened by the liquid inside.

At Womble Shoes we create a range of unique horseshoe wine racks to allow you to store from one to six bottles. All our wine racks are individual, as they are made from recycled horseshoes, each horseshoe is different in size and texture.

In addition to the practical aspect of using horseshoes to make wine racks, used horseshoes have always been referred to as a talisman dating back to the Iron Age. The horseshoe superstition is one of good luck and good fortune. Many believe that a horseshoe should be hung in a "U" shape to ensure the good luck would then stay inside the curve of the shoe. They believe that if it is hung upside down, all the good fortune and protective powers would fall out. To ensure good fortune, all our horseshoe wine racks are designed with the horseshoe pointing upwards.

If you are superstitious or just mad about horsey things our horseshoe wine racks make the perfect gift. As well as being an ancient talisman they are beautifully handcrafted and totally practical for the storage of wine bottles. What could be a better gift for your friends and family to keep the good luck flowing and pass on all your good wishes? Even better, at a good price too!